Degenerate Model/Actor Pinched In New Hampshire College Coed Killing

Elizabeth Marriott, a comely and bubbly 19 year old University of New Hampshire college student went missing on Tuesday, and is apparently dead. Police are still searching for the body of the slain girl but the long arm of the law has a suspect in her disappearance and presumed murder. On Saturday, New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General James C. Vara held a press conference to announce that Seth J. Mazzaglia had been charged with second degree murder in the case.

Mazzaglia and Marriott reportedly had some sort of intimate relationship and although details are sketchy at this time it appears that he killed her due in a jealous rage of some type. Police are staying mum about a number of things including how Marriott died and the nature of her relationship with Mazzaglia but they have confirmed that the victim is dead. This would suggest that Mazzaglia sung like a canary and confessed to his heinous crime. Other than that, all they’ll say is that the perp and the victim ‘knew each other’

Not surprisingly, the college community is floored over the killing and somewhat surprised that Mazzaglia has been charged with the crime. He does come off as something of a degenerate, hanging around a college community into his late 20’s–by some accounts due to the proximity to attractive and gullible young women that it afforded him. Mazzaglia played the ‘sensitive artist’ angle, listing among his interests acting, modeling, dance and ‘martial arts choreography. Unlike many aspiring artists, however, he wasn’t particularly ambitious. He whiled away his time in obscurity in the New Hampshire arts community. He reportedly used his ‘martial arts skills’ as a come on, offering to teach female cast members ‘self defense techniques’ and claimed to be a ‘certified massage instructor’–a classic scam for pick up artists. He even changed his name to something ‘more artsy’ as part of his pick up persona–police records list him as ‘Seth J. Mazzaglia’ but his Facebook account and ‘modeling portfolio’ listed his name as ‘Seth Lex Mazzaglia’.

More details will emerge in the coming days but for now our thoughts are with the girl’s family and friends. We can only hope that justice will be served in this matter.

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8 Responses to “Degenerate Model/Actor Pinched In New Hampshire College Coed Killing”

  1. Robert says:

    This is outrageous. Why on earth would this idiot harm this young woman? I hate it when I see these stories. I do not understand why a man would end the life of an innocent woman with a bright future.

  2. Shaun says:

    Uh, Robert, you may as well act scandalized over why the birds fly. You can’t understand why a crazy piece of filth could murder? Mmm’K.

  3. weezil says:

    Until we start butchering and exterminating the evil monsters – and the lawyers /aclu that fund and free them – we have no one to blame – but ourselves !

  4. weasel says:

    “Until we start butchering and exterminating the evil monsters – and the lawyers /aclu that fund and free them – we have no one to blame – but ourselves !”

    Exactly, and since we’re to blame, let’s all kill ourselves! Weezil first.

  5. JonSnow says:

    Sad story, but the person who wrote this article needs to find a new vocation..

  6. Em says:

    This article was written SO disrespectfully. Fuck you Bobby.

  7. Bobby Simmons says:

    So I’m supposed to respect a scumbag murderer? Good one.

  8. Eric M. Van says:


    Have you ever nailed a tween during that time of the month? So degenerate, yet so very satisfying!

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