Weiner Back on Twitter After Issues Two Years Ago

Over the years, marketing for politicians and businesses has changed a ton. At one time, they would limit their advertising efforts to grassroots, door to door type stuff. You would also hear them in radio and tv commercials as well as on billboards. This was great during the time when people actually watched commercials on tv instead of changing to see what is currently on another channel and before satellite radios or mp3 players were found inside of nearly all vehicles.

As a result, businesses and politicians have added social media, such as Facebook and Twitter into the mix over the last several years. By doing so, they have been able to get their name and their concepts as well as products in front of potential clients or voters. However, it also does not take much to stir up a fast moving storm in the social media world. We have seen the businesses who are sponsoring posts on Facebook. If the business is not well liked by the person whose wall the company shows up on, the person will normally leave a comment reading something along the lines of, “why is your company showing up on my wall-” only with a few choice words in between.

And, when U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner last had a Twitter account, things did not go much better. Sure, he probably got a lot of mileage out of all of the networking he got to do with people who may not have otherwise voted for him. However, he also had some stuff get out that he probably should have thought twice about. For those of you who do not know what “stuff” we are referring to- it was an undressed picture sent to some of his followers on Twitter.

Despite his previous incident on Twitter, Weiner is making a comeback. The believed reason for his return is that he will be running for the mayor seat in New York later this year. His first Tweet read, “Keys to the City: 64 Ideas to Keep New York the Capital of the Middle Class.” While it is great that Weiner is able to get back on his feet in the political game, we can only hope that he is better able to keep himself composed this time around.

Do you think he’s making a good move by coming back?

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