Texas-Sized Pileup Closes I-10 in Texas

Many people view the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons as they only two opportunities they have each year to visit and catch up with their distant relatives and friends. Oftentimes, this results in them crowding the highways as they speed towards their destinations that can be several states and several hundred, or even a thousand, miles away. When you have this many more cars on a particular stretch of highway than normal, and they are all in a hurry to get to their destinations, you are asking for trouble. This is why law enforcement agencies and the media constantly remind us to slow down and pay more attention around the holiday seasons.

Today, a massive pileup occurred on Interstate 10 in Texas in an area just a few miles south of Beaumont. This is in the Gulf Coast reason, so it is not uncommon to see fog present especially during the early morning hours. It is one thing when the same people are driving this stretch of highway on their way to work each day, but when people do not know the road too well because they are from out of town, a potentially dangerous situation quickly comes into play.

And, this was certainly the result as the foggy conditions resulted in a pileup around 8 this morning. It is being reported that 100, if not more, vehicles were involved in this horrific, Thanksgiving Day accident. Two people were killed as a result of the accident that shut down all of I-10 in Texas. Over 50 people were transported by ambulances to local hospitals for treatment of various types of injuries.

The scariest thing about this accident is that we know Interstates are heavily populated by commercial trucks, which can obviously do a lot of damage to any type of passenger vehicle- even one-ton trucks. We saw several 18-wheelers involved in this accident. While we hate to see this many injuries and two fatalities, the massive pileup certainly could have been much worse.

If we can take anything positive out of this accident, it was the fact that so many of the uninjured people involved were quick to help others. They did not try to do any procedures above their level, but it is noted that they offered any assistance they could, such as keeping people calm and as comfortable as possible until professional help could arrive.

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