Tate Stevens Wins ‘X Factor’

At the start of this year’s ‘X Factor,’ there were tons of contestants; each of whom certainly had a gift for performing. Although these contests typically draw quite a diverse field of competitors, it is usually someone young with a very hip appearance that ends up taking home the prize and melting the hearts of the viewers. This year was a little different. Rather than a twenty-something taking home the grand prize of the $5 million record deal, we saw the 37-year old, Tate Stevens take the prize.

Tate Stevens is a country singer from Belton, Missouri, which is just a short drive from Kansas City, Missouri. Outside of the spotlight, the Kansas City-area singer is a husband and a father. Family is something that means everything to him, so it is a little more difficult for him to decide he is going to enter a competition like this than it is for the typical, spur-of-the-moment teenager or twenty-something.

Granted, talent is something that is subjective when you are trying to vote on a field that is not just singing one genre of music, Tate Stevens certainly had something that the others could not match. He belted out cover songs some of the most well-known country artists have made famous over the last two decades or so practically flawlessly. If you were to close your eyes, you would practically swear that you were listening to the original artist because of his near-perfect voice inflection and pitch matching.

Hitting notes and proper voice inflection were just two of Tate’s strengths, however, as he also used his high level of charisma to win over the hearts of the fans. He just had this country-like hospitality, and he appeared to be extremely humble and appreciative each time he advanced in the competition. L.A. Reid, the mentor and judge for the competitors aged 25 and over, said, “First of all, he presented himself well and he sings really well. But (he’s) also a real lovable human being. It was the whole him supporting the family, the family supporting him. It was like the American Dream,” he said. “The first time I saw him I said this guy’s an American classic, an authentic, true-to-life country singer. And I think all those things sort of resonated with the Tate Nation that voted for him.”

Tate is hitting the road to Nashville, and you better believe this is very exciting news for him and his family.

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