Superbowl Betting: Play it Safe or Take a Risk?

Super Bowl weekend is finally here, believe it or not, so I decided to take a little break from the covering of the normal sports stories and talk about betting on the Super Bowl. Betting on the Super Bowl is something that leads bettors to ask, “should I play it safe and get an average return or add some, or a fair amount of, risk and try to “hit a homerun” with my investment? Well, you will be the one ultimately in control regarding how you bet your money, but we have calculated the pros and cons of each method.

On a spread bet the safest route would be to pick the Ravens to either lose by less than three or to win straight up as this scenario would have you placing a bet of, say, $100 for a chance to turn that into $186.96. If you picked the 49ers to win, they would have to win and do so by at least five points, and you could bet the same $100 and possibly walk away with $195.24. As you can observe, the bookmakers feel that the Ravens either will lose by three or fewer points, or they will win. A person betting on the 49ers actually loses their bet unless the 49ers win by five or more.

If you take the safe route on a money line bet, you would find that picking the 49ers to win would be your safest option as they have a line of -160, which means a bet of $100 could turn into $162.50, and the 49ers are obviously favored to win as denoted by the – sign. If you want to take a little more risk, you could bet the same $100 on the Ravens to win the game straight-up, and if the Ravens do pull off the upset, you would walk away with a grand total of $245- not bad for simply making a prediction regardless of how much research you put into choosing the winning team.

Playing it safe or taking the risk is your call- I just wanted to give you some food for thought.

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