Romney’s Loss not Completely Bad- According to Mormons

By now, we are all well aware of the fact that Romney lost the 2012 election, which means Barack Obama will be returning for his second of two terms as the Commander in Chief. We also know that Obama pretty much crushed Romney in the election, and while the popular vote was separated by about 1%, Obama had well over 100 more electoral votes than Romney did. Romney refused to give up easily as he would not concede Florida and a few other states despite their delayed vote tallies. Romney finally conceded Florida to Obama, and he has given up on any last-minute chances to make his way to the Oval Office. However, today’s news regarding Romney is a little different than the coverage he is used to receiving.

Rather than being bashed by some of his frustrated supporters and the democratic media outlets, Romney actually heard some uplifting comments about his defeat. Many people who practice the Mormon religion, like Romney does, told reporters that, while they were sad to see him lose, it gave them a new hope for life. Let’s face it; when most people think about the Mormon religion, they think of people who go on mission trips and partake in door-to-door recruitment practices in hopes to convert people over to their religion.

Students at Brigham Young University (BYU) have told reporters that they believe his loss will still change the opinion may people have regarding the Mormon religion. Romney may have been the most well-known representative from the Mormon religion, so people can now understand that Mormons can also be big time in the business industry. They also know that the presidential election is not necessarily determined by religion as there were several candidates the republicans could have selected over Romney.

On the other side of things, there were also concerns regarding what could have happened if Romney were to be elected and put the economy is a worsened state? One BYU representative feared what would happen if Romney came off as being ruthless while in office. He said that would certainly place the Mormon religion in somewhat of a hypocritical position.

Whether it is good or bad that Romney did not win this year’s election, we will never know. We do, however, see how the Mormon religion will definitely gain some more mainstream exposure out of this, so maybe, we will continue to see more and more successful Mormon business leaders.

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5 Responses to “Romney’s Loss not Completely Bad- According to Mormons”

  1. George Kerr says:

    This would have been just one of the the harsh realities if Mitt Romney had won the Presidency.

    If Mitt Romney had made it to the White House, marriage equality legislation would have been killed stone dead. But, although he failed, Mitt’s Mormon church will now fight equality for the gay community, with all the considerable political and financial resources they have at their disposal.

    Why is this?

    The Mormon Temple Ceremony has at its very heart and its central core, the Temple Law of Celestial Marriage, which involves the marriage between a man and a woman ONLY. This Temple Marriage Law is vitally important in Mormon temple doctrine, and they will defend any threat to this temple doctrine as an attack on their Mormon God and on the Temple itself.

    The American public and especially the gay community better wake up to the very real threat to their civil rights and freedoms from the Mormon church. Many young gay Mormon men have been forsaken by their families and some have even committed suicide because of the culture of hate and suspicion that permeates the Mormon church.

    Take a good long look at this genuine Temple Ceremony that was filmed in secret by undercover video recently in a Mormon Temple in Utah. This is the very first time this highly secretive Mormon Ceremony has been seen outside of their Temples for over 170 years.

  2. @George Kerr says:

    A little paranoid, are we? The Mormon view on marriage is not confined to any “super secret” temple ceremony. (for which undercover video footage has been available on the internet for decades, btw) A simple visit to an LDS church building or the LDS website reveals exactly what Mormons believe about marriage.

  3. Chris says:

    “….as there were several candidates the republicans could have selected over Romney.”

    Not really… Jon Huntsman was the only other candidate who was anywhere near sane, but he wasn’t nutty enough to get noticed in the primaries before he ran out of money – Mitt was the only one with enough money to outlast the sideshows. Come to think of, Jon is a Mormon too.

    ” On the other side of things, there were also concerns regarding what could have happened if Romney were to be elected and put the economy is a worsened state? ”

    THIS would have been a problem. Mitt would have run up the deficit with high-end tax cuts – imagine 20% of “70% of ALL tax paid” (as some claim is paid by the top 1-2%) added to the deficit – along with doubled defense spending that isn’t really needed. Mitt never really outlined how he’d pay for this (there aren’t enough deductions to cancel out the tax cut, and jobs weren’t going to materialize to increase the tax revenue base).

  4. George Kerr says:

    Mitt Romney, being true to his Mormon faith, habitually lied to the decent unsuspecting American public.
    He also, and unashamedly, went to see Billy Graham just a few weeks before the election to get his endorsement for the Mormon Church.
    Do you think he told Billy Graham about the secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies that involves secret temple oaths, laws of sacrifice and consecration including Mormon theocratic government, strict obedience and sworn secrecy of all the Temple rituals? And all this while dressed in white robes, white hats, green aprons and chanting with raised hands at temple altars.

    Romney, the compulsive liar and deceiver told him nothing about this.

    Do you think Billy Graham would have endorsed Romney and his fanatical Mormon church if he was aware of these clandestine Temple rituals?

    Look for yourself. For the very first time in about 170 years, the Mormon Temple Ceremonies have been filmed by secret undercover video, in the Salt Lake Temple Temple in Utah, this year.

    They are now freely available on the internet for all the world to see.

    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=6udew9axmdM&feature=plcp

  5. George Kerr says:

    Did you know that Mormon men can have countless wives in Celestial Mormon Heaven?

    Did you know that you that all Mormons must pay 10% of their gross annual income into the treasury of the Mormon church before they are allowed entrance into these luxurious Temples?

    Did you know that all Mormons must swear with strict Temple Oaths to never reveal the secret sign and tokens of the Temple, or they will suffer the punishment of God?

    Did you know that the Mormon church baptise many millions of deceased non-Mormons in their Temples, without having the decency to even ask permission from their relatives and loved ones?

    Did you know that Mormon children as young as 12 years are taken into the Temples and are used for group baptisms of these deceased non-Mormons? Many of the children are clearly uneasy about this, especially young females, but are forced into this by their strict Mormon parents.

    Here is a Mormon Baptism for the Dead Ritual that is performed daily in all Mormon Temples. This undercover video was filmed in secret in the Salt Lake Temple in Utah, earlier this year.

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