Notorious B.I.G Autopsy Report Published 15 Years After Rapper’s Death

The Los Angeles County Coroner has released the autopsy report of Notorious B.I.G fifteen years after his unsolved murder.

Brooklyn, rapper Notorious B.I.G, also known as Biggie Smalls, was gunned down in LA over fifteen years ago, in what has now become one of  LA’s most notorious unsolved murder cases.

It was in March 1997 that an unknown assailant shot the rapper who was sat in the front passenger seat of a Chevrolet Suburban four times. Despite an LAPD task force being assigned to the murder case, it was never solved.

The Coroner however has finally decided to publish his 23-page autopsy report, providing us with the most detailed account of the rapper’s death to date.

The report reveals that a bullet entered B.I.G’s forearm, travelling down to his wrist, whilst a second shot hit him in the back coming out through his left shoulder. A third gunshot hit B.I.G’s left thigh, travelling through his inner thigh before catching his scrotum. It was however the fourth shot which hit him in his right hip that was fatal. This shot sliced through his colon, liver, heart and part of his lungs, before becoming wedged into his left shoulder.

Whilst it is clear which shot was the fatal one, the Coroner explained it is unclear in what order the shots were fired. The shooting occurred outside the Petersen Automotive Museum, where B.I.G was leaving a music industry event. At the time of his death B.I.G was on of the biggest hip-hop stars.

On the night of the attack, B.I.G was rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center hospital where medics desperately tried to perform emergency surgery much to their prevail.

Included in the Coroner’s report is the results of a toxicology test, which showed the 395 pound rapper was clear of any drugs or alcohol at the time of his death.

B.I.G’s murder came just months after Los-Angeles based rapper Tupac was killed in Las Vegas, his murder also remains unsolved, however various conspiracy theories have been linked to both deaths. Whilst at the time of their deaths the pair was rivals, the two stars had been friends earlier on in their careers.

Some people believe that the rapper’s fell victims of the large rivalry between East and West Coast rappers, whilst other speculate that the deaths have something to do with the two record labels the pair were signed to.

Whether or not B.I.G’s published autopsy report will shed any light on his murder at the moment remains to be seen. Meanwhile both Notorious B.I.G and Tupac’s legacy continues through their music, with many regarding the pair as hip-hop legends.

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