NFL Thursday Night – Browns vs Ravens

NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football will feature the Cleveland Browns taking on their AFC North Division rival the Baltimore Ravens. The game takes place at the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

The Browns have gone up against the Ravens in primetime on three other occasions. And each and every one of those occasions, the Ravens have emerged victorious. However, with a new starting Quarterback for the Browns (Brandon Weeden) and other new players this year, anything can happen.

And then there’s Dawson – good old Dawson. In some ways, he’s been a stable foundation for the floundering Browns for quite a few years now. In 2011, he scored more than half of the Browns’ total points for the entire season. There’s only so much a placekicker can do on his own, however, and this is the time for Weeden and crew to step up and start completing more passes.

On top of Weeden – a quarterback can’t do it all on his own – there’s running back Trent Richardson. So far this year, Richardson has rushed for a total of 175 yards. Additionally, he has caught 11 passes for 65 yards – a best for the Browns.

Another thing to watch for in this game is a Browns interception. Whether it is Cribbs or Jackson, they have both been good at picking from some top quarterbacks, including Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick. This is part of the Browns’ overall good defense.

The Ravens are going in with homefield advantage and a good track record of taking the Browns to the cleaners, but with the new temporary refs the NFL has been using, there’s NO TELLING what could happen. In fact, the refs might equally hurt either team.

And while some are saying they are only doing their jobs, everybody is talking about the bad call on the game the other day. The Green Bay Packers lost due to a bad call from a “replacement ref.” Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate should have gotten a penalty before he caught the touchdown pass, but the temporary refs missed it.

The Seattle victory is going to stand in the records, which has quite a few fans really upset. “The result of the game is final,” the NFL said in a news release Tuesday. This was not taken well by many Seahawks fans around the country. Still, it is going to be interesting to see how the replacement refs handle the big match-up between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, September 27, 2012.

The Ravens have a solid history of defeating the Browns, especially on their home turf, but with the new replacement refs in play, it really is anyone’s game. It would be the Browns luck to finally defeat the Ravens due to a missed or bad call by the refs. This game is going to be hot, for sure.

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