New Year’s Celebrations Take Place in Colorado Joints

There is no argument that New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party nights of the year. Restaurants and bars are always packed full of patrons who are willing to pay hefty cover charges for a juicy prime rib and a toast of champagne when the clock strikes 12:01 on January 1. Others opt to host house parties with their friends and family while enjoying a few adult beverages and waiting for the ball to drop in Time’s Square. However, celebrations in Colorado took a new approach to brining in the New Year by sending 2012 up in smoke.

A new law was passed shortly after the 2012 elections ended that allowed states to allow marijuana smoking at the state level. Colorado was one of the states that voted to legalize weed, and this resulted in some very intriguing business opportunities for some pretty savvy entrepreneurs. One club in Denver, Colorado, Club 64 hosted a New Year’s Eve party, which allowed patrons to enjoy the newly-legalized drug.

Patrons who wanted to attend simply had to pay a $30 fee and fill out an application on the Internet. The “club” was actually a rented-out retail space that offered plenty of room for all of the fellow marijuana smokers to intervene with one another while closing out another year.

Of course, with Club 64 being overseen by an attorney, they still had some federal guidelines to abide by. First of all, since it is illegal to actually sell weed or possess it, they patrons were required to bring their own marijuana. Colorado residents also are not allowed to carry more than one ounce of marijuana on them at a time. However, they can grow up to six plants for personal use at one time, so they can replenish their supply upon arriving back to their home.

The attorney says that he hopes Club 64 will eventually be able to gets its own physical location opposed to having to rent if marijuana is legalized at the federal level. He wants to ensure that the club is able to actually sell to patrons legally before making the investment of purchasing a physical location that would only allow patrons to bring their own supply.

Other businesses in the area also received permits to allow patrons to smoke for the evening. For now, pot smoking in Colorado still has to be in a private place, but changes in the future could see numerous clubs designated for those who enjoy a little smoke to start popping up.

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