Gun Control Laws Flop, Upsetting President Obama and Gun Control Advocates

Following all of the gun related violence we have had to witness over the last year or so, politicians have been hard at work in coming up with measures to try to curb the violence. Late in 2012, president Obama had appointed Vice President, Joe Biden, to heading a gun control committee, which was to come up with ideas to be relayed to Obama.

There was a lot of going back and forth between the senate and the house of representatives as well as Obama himself. When all was said and done, the primary goals were to have background checks beefed up and to attempt to prohibit the average citizen from purchasing high-capacity firearms.

Today, the vote took place in the senate and they needed a total of 60 votes to pass the bill. When all was said and done, only 55 senators voted in favor of the bills; meaning they failed. This was bad news for those who had put in so much effort to have these bills put into effect, but Obama said, “I see this as just round one.” There may still be another chance for these bills to pass, but it is going to take going back to the drawing board and putting together some new selling points that would convince gun owners, a huge demographic in the United States, of why they should have a restraint put on their Constitutional rights.

So, if these bills were supposed to put such a major damper on gun related violence, why did the senate come up five votes short of the required 60 tallies? Well, there are numerous reasons, but the important thing to realize is how much pulling power the National Rifle Association has.

They did a good job of standing up for their members’ rights to own a firearm provided that the meet the requirements of not having a felony on their background and using it in a responsible manner. The problem with the bills, as many people in favor of the right to own guns as well as the NRA has pointed out, is that if criminals want to get their hands on a gun, they will find out a way to do so. In other words, they are probably not going to hassle with going to buy a gun when they can illegally acquire one.

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