Are Vitamin-D Dosages Accurate?

Over the years, more and more research is coming out about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, which is causing more people than ever before to ensure they are getting their daily vitamins. Sources have also indicated that Vitamin-D is one of the most popular supplements taken by people today for a couple of reasons. First of all, many people who are working long hours inside of an office building are unable to get their natural source of Vitamin-D in through the sunlight. Another reason is that Vitamin-D has, historically been one of the most underrated vitamins, yet a deficiency in it can cause fatigue, depression and a whole host of other issues.

Now, some people who are taking Vitamin-D supplements may want to write a thank you note to the manufacturer while others may be downright fed up. It has now been reported that  recent study has indicated that the amount of Vitamin-D in these supplements may not be accurate. In fact, the study indicated that some of the Vitamin-D supplements contained less than 10 percent of what the label claimed. Other Vitamin-D supplement nutrition labels under claimed the percentage by well over 100 percent.

Experts say it is unlikely that any harm would come out of taking more than 100 percent of any daily vitamin, but the people who were not getting what they paid for have a right to be upset. These people shelled out a fair amount of money for something they thought was going to relieve them of constant fatigue, depression and more, but they got ripped.

The thing that many people want to know is how a supplement company could possibly get away with lying on their label as they know that if an ordinary food or beverage manufacturer did the same thing, they would be in hot water. Well, the simplest answer is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require supplement companies to back their statements. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration does not even require supplement companies to prove their products are safe for consumption. With that being said, they do have some general guidelines regarding what products are strictly banned, but it is a pretty wide open market aside from that.

Since the FDA does not require proof of ingredients, it appears that these people will simply be out of their money.

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