Zerply: Create Beautiful Professional Looking CV (Review)

[quote style=boxed float=right]Yes it’s kind of a social network for professionals, similar to Linkedin, except that it’s dead simple and beautiful[/quote]Everyday several new online startups popup, and it’s really hard to keep up with them. However there are a very few that catch your attention and make you to digg and play around with its features. Couple of days back, I came across Zerply through a user’s CV. And since then, I have spent several hours on Zerply, digging into all of its features, and figuring how useful it actually is for the general internet community. And I must say it’s a very simple and neat idea well executed.

What is Zerply?
Zerply is a professional network built around people who love what they do. We believe that professional networking can be done differently.

Yes it’s kind of a social network for professionals, similar to Linkedin, except that it’s dead simple and beautiful. As this is a new startup so there isn’t much social activity going on other than showing similar people in your dashboard. They don’t have ‘Status update’ feature as yet, and I would include that in my below Suggestions list.

However what importantly makes Zerply  stand out, is their beautiful, professional-looking CVs for their users. It’s hard to ignore a CV without appreciating its design. And Below you can have a look at my CV on Zerply which is designed by a renowned Web Designer Mike Kus. You can choose from four basic Templates, as a free user. All of them are great including the one that I am using below.

In addition to this you can also use your own custom domain for your CV for instance. http://cv.yourdomain.com/ however that’s an upgrade feature and would only cost $15 per year. Normally I can’t help buying upgrade features for all of the awesome web sites, Just like Flickr Pro. Therefore After playing around a little bit with Zerply I couldn’t help to click the upgrade button. And that seems to be only revenue model for Zerply and just like Flickr Pro I am pretty sure this model is gonna work great for Zerply as the service becomes popular.


My Suggestions:

  • Addition of ‘Status update’ feature in the Dashboard, to bring a little more social activity in the backend Dashboard.
  • Display users Tags based on Skills as they’re mentioned on the backend on the users CVs., I am sure that can help explore similar people. But only downside it might have is that potential employer might get interested in other similar peoples. But overall it should increase social activity.
  • Replace Paypal with your own Credit Card processing, Paypal is great, but there are a very few countries whom paypal doesn’t support.

So what are you waiting for ;}} Create your Awesome CV Today on Zerply  and spell a magic on your potential employer.

Hello my name is Imran Jafri, I am the Editor and founder of Maboot Mag. I am extremely passionate about Web design, UX and GUI. I love to play with PHP, javascript and Wordpress. Of course I am a MAC and using Ubuntu as my secondary OS. That's all.

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