Wii-U Slated to Hit Shelves November 18

It has now been six years since Nintendo last released a console, which was known as the Wii. This console was considered to be the first, truly-interactive gaming system as users could control the game by using physical motions rather than hitting buttons and toggling switches on a standard remote. As a result, the Wii sold pretty well. However, one complaint that many people had with the Wii was that the graphics were anything but modern especially in comparison to the XBOX 360 and the PlayStation 3, which were released around the same time frame.
Additionally, the PlayStation and XBOX consoles also had a wider variety of games, so practically any owner could have found several games they enjoyed playing.

After listening to what Nintendo representatives had to say, it appears that the company does not plan on making the same mistakes, subpar graphics and minimal selection for different ages and genders, as they did last time. The new system, which is to be called the Wii-U is supposed to be in stores on November 18, which is perfect timing for the holiday season quickly approaching. The first Wii also launched around the holidays, and it was nearly impossible to find one anywhere.

Like the first-generation Wii, the Wii-U is already pre-sold according to Nintendo, so people who are just now learning about the release are likely going to have to wait a few months. Of course, people could also buy one for a substantially marked up price through online auction sites, such as eBay.

The Wii-U will still feature the body-motion remotes, but many of the games will allow up to four people to play simultaneously, which is an upgrade from the previous generation. In addition, a gaming pad will also be included, and this can be used by a fifth player who wants to interact with their four friends playing. The gaming pad will also serve as a TV remote and a messaging center, so users can chat with their friends in between, or during, games.

Like the first-generation Wii, the Wii-U is slated to slightly exceed the $300 mark. This should be a price that attracts a fair amount of interest from several different markets since Nintendo has added a wider variety of games, such as Call of Duty, to the lineup. Only time will tell, but it looks like this will be a very popular gaming console.

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