USA Elections 2012: To Be Nice or Not to Be Nice

It appears that both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are walking down both sides of the street. In public appearances they have both cleaned up their act, being nicer to their opponent. However, at the same time, their political ads on television and other media outlets have continued to be very aggressive. One could almost call them flat out nasty.

At a recent Clinton Global Initiative event, both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama spoke to a large crowd. During their respective speeches, they took time to compliment the other side while not naming names when they brought up disagreements. Mitt Romney even took it a little further with a bit of self-deprecating humor.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned this election season, it’s that a few words from Bill Clinton can do any man a lot of good,” joked Romney, after being introduced by former President Bill Clinton.

“All I got to do now is wait a few days for that bounce to happen,” Romney said, then continued with his speech.

And while both men were on their best behavior at the event, both campaigns still continue to blast the other side with half-truths, accusations, and in some cases flat out misrepresentations. It is not just one side that is doing this. Both candidates’ hands are dirty this election season. And as the big day for voters draws ever closer, both men don’t appear ready to clean their hands and finish with a clean race.

According to some media reports, the Obama side is running five main commercials on television in key battleground states. Of the five, four are attacks on Romney, Ryan or both. (It’s interesting to note that Romney seems to be doing better in public when Ryan is around – although in some ways it makes him seem less presidential in a way.) On the Romney side, they are currently running about six main ads – four of which are attacks on the Obama administration. One says that Obama is not tough enough on China.

The public debates are coming up in October – the first being October 3, 2012 – and since these will be very visible events, there is a good chance that they may both tone down some of the rhetoric. Then again, who knows what is going to happen as both men debate. Romney has had more practice recently with tons of speaking engagements, but the President is no slacker when it comes to public speaking.

In any case, it should be interesting how the big question is going to be answered during the debates. To be nice or not to be nice? That is the question for this election cycle. There have been a lot of important elections over the years and each one should be dear and precious to our hearts, but the 2012 elections do hold important significance in many ways. As November draws near, America, keep this on your mind.

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