Tiger Woods Against Belly Putter

For those who are serious golf fans, you know that anytime you hear Tiger Woods and belly mentioned in the same sentence, it has to deal with a type of putter and not his ripped physique. Traditionally, the putter has been swung on a pendulum, making it similar to a miniature version of a golfer’s full swing with their irons or woods. However, golfers are also some of the most creative athletes on earth, and they have a tendency to tinker with new concepts that could shave strokes off their scorecard virtually overnight. As a result, one of the things that has popped up on tour over the last few years is the belly putter, which the player holds against their stomach or chest.

When a golfer is able to firmly press the putter’s grip against their chest or stomach, they are essentially creating a fixed pivot point, which is not possible with a traditional putter. Many professionals, including Tiger, have argued that this creates a non-traditional feel to the game of golf, and it is an unfair advantage to those using traditional putters.

However, those who use belly putters argue that the new style of putter is not a robot, and that they can still miss putts. In fact, golfers who favor these putters do have a point because statistics have proven that these putters are actually less accurate with longer putts because they sacrifice feel for stability.

Some might argue that longer putts are just a luck of the draw anyway, but this is not the case because, believe it or not, putting from longer distances is what oftentimes separates the best players in the world from a local club champion who happens to be a scratch golfer. And, when we look at Tiger Woods’ in his prime, it is easy to see that he was easily one of the best putters in the world, so he should definitely have some say in the rule change.

It is likely that the belly putters will be banned by tomorrow. Most believe that Tiger Woods’ strong comments against this style of putter did have quite a bit to do with the decision to ban these putters. As most of us golf fanatics remember, when Tiger spoke out about how he would like to see drug testing added to golf, it was implemented on tour shortly thereafter.

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2 Responses to “Tiger Woods Against Belly Putter”

  1. What a joke says:

    Yeah, so el tigre is a traditionalist huh? Funny thing, when drug testing was implemented, Tiger took that year off with a knee injury (last tournament was tiger v rocco). Then tigre sees a doctor who wasn’t authorized to practice in the us and everyone turn the other way. If this were cycling, el traditionalist, Tigre would be gone similar to lance. However, the PGA tour is too cowardly to investigate because a drugged up Tigre would destroy the tour. I’m with el Tigre though about a return to tradition in golf. Let’s ditch 460 cc drivers, pro-v 1 golf balls, and go back to hickory shafts and traditional golf balls. Let’s use manure as tees, oh, sorry el Tigre, you wouldn’t be invited to any golf course in this country.

  2. Tiger is a good guy says:

    Tiger is a good guy and honest. Who else would cheat on the mother of his children with well over 100 women. A person with that much honesty and integrity would never take performance enhancing drugs. Afterall, Tiger said he didn’t, and Tiger’s word is as good as gold. Just ask his now ex wife.

    Performance enhancing drugs lead to lance winning 7 tour de France, bonds, Sosa, Clemons, and jetter playing baseball like no one before respectively. But yes, the belly putter should be illegal because it’s a competitive advantage!! If that sounds stupid, that’s because it is!! Tiger is a cheater , a lier, and yet the spineless R&A and USGA listened to him !!

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