Talks on Gun Control: What is the NRA’s Take?

Over the last year or so, we have undoubtedly seen a major increase in gun related violence. Starting with last fall’s shooting at the Batman premier in Colorado, we saw what can happen when someone with apparent mental issues enters a public establishment loaded with weapons and unleashing a ruthless attack on innocent movie goers. Then, we saw the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary right before Christmas last year. And in between those two events as well as into the new year, we have continued to hear about more and more shootings in public places and on campuses across the United States.

Without a doubt, something needs to be done to bring these incidents to a halt, but the discussions went somewhat silent when the politicians began to shift their focus to the country’s financial situation. Of course, no deal was reached on the financial crises, so talks have now shifted back to gun control.

The senate has been working on some plans that would supposedly improve gun control, but other people and organizations, such as the NRA, are not completely sold on what Joe Biden and the senate has proposed. One of the biggest things the senate and Joe Biden are for is a gun control database and increased background checks. They have also wanted to have the gun show clause revised, which, for those who do not already know, provides a loophole around having to run a background check on someone buying a gun at a gun show. In addition, the gun show loophole also means that those selling guns at gun shows do not necessarily have to be registered firearm distributors.

While the gun show law would certainly be one worth investigating and bringing to an end, the NRA and others are not very pleased with the background check improvements. They fear that the background checks will just continue to be a hassle for people who want to buy and own a firearm in a legal manner. These people are doing it the right way, and they do not have a problem with having a gun retailer run their background check through the national database. The problem, however, is these are not the dangerous gun owners. The dangerous gun owners are the ones who find a way to illegally purchase a gun that cannot be traced to them.

Bobby Simmons is a political news reporter and has a vast experience in covering politics. He has received recognition at high level news media and has joined to provide the same.

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