Sync folders to Dropbox on Ubuntu with right-click context menu

[quote style=boxed float=right]Dropbox is great, but did you know, Ubuntu now has its own cloud Storage service called, Ubuntu One. It offers you 5gb free storage as compared to 2gb on Dropbox. Ubuntu one is also supported on Windows, iPhone and Android.[/quote]There is barely anyone on the Internet who has not used Dropbox, one of the most popular online cloud storage, data synchronization services on the internet, used by millions of users across different OS platforms and devices. However it still lacks the ability to Sync any folder on your computer, just by right-clicking on it. At present you have to drop your folders or files, that you want to sync, inside your Dropbox folder, and create a short-link to it, that you can place on your Desktop for an easier access.

However for many users, this is a lot of work to do, as I myself prefer to simply right-clicking on any folder and through the context-menu sync it to my Dropbox account. This is what, this tutorial is about. Since, Dropbox as yet does not support this feature. We are going to use a third-party app for Ubuntu to achieve it. This App for Ubuntu or Linux is called ‘ Dropbox Share ‘ and is available from WebUp8 repository.

[button color=red]Step 1[/button] Installing Dropbox share on Ubuntu
In order to install, Dropbox share, on your Ubuntu or Linux computer, Please open Terminal and run below commands.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dropbox-share


[button color=red]Step 2[/button] Syncing and Un-Syncing Folders or Files
Once you have installed Dropbox share, Simply right-click on any file or folder you want to sync with your Dropbox account. And from the context-menu select Scripts > Dropbox share or Dropbox unshare. Simple as that. Once the folder or file has been synced to your Dropbox account, you will get a popup notification on your computer screen, confirming it.

Hello my name is Imran Jafri, I am the Editor and founder of Maboot Mag. I am extremely passionate about Web design, UX and GUI. I love to play with PHP, javascript and Wordpress. Of course I am a MAC and using Ubuntu as my secondary OS. That's all.

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  1. Monse says:

    There are others, inlducing, but I really dig Dropbox. The interface is done well. Also, know what John is saying as well on Subversion. I like TortoiseSVN myself, but the Mac options are a bit lacking. There is , but it’s not as good as TortoiseSVN is on Windows.I actually did Subversion myself, but the thing is to remember to sync. With Dropbox, it is seamless, and you can easily share individual files publicly, etc. Good thought, though, John! Not enough people take advantage of things like Subversion locally. It’s a great option.Plus, I love syncing my 1Password data via Dropbox to multiple Macs. Great tip, Bruce!

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