Student Shoots Himself in a Cincinnati Area School This Morning

School shootings over the last several months have been on the rise. As a result, numerous students, teachers and faculty members have had their lives unfairly cut short by gunmen. Additionally, things have reached a point where numerous parents, even those living in areas nowhere near where a school shooting has occurred, are considering pulling their kids out of school and home schooling them. Sure, this would undoubtedly take their kids away from the opportunity to make new friends while at a public school, but, to them, it is better than getting the horrendous phone call that their child has been seriously hurt or killed by a school shooter.

Today, another school shooting occurred. Fortunately, for the kids at the school, this incident was a fellow classmate shooting himself. Reports have indicated that the student pulled out a gun in his class this morning. Students in the class as well as the teacher, as it does not take much to imagine, were described as fearing for their lives. Once the student had shot himself, the school was placed on lockdown and the students, faculty and staff members were escorted into the school’s gymnasium. Parents were given the option to come pick up their children if they wanted to do so.

Although in this incident, it was just a student shooting himself, this is further evidence that something needs to be done at a higher level. No, it does not mean to take guns away from those who own them for self protection and for gun related sports, such as trap shooting or hunting. It means that kids who are obviously suffering from some sort of mental illness or bullying need to be assisted. The problem, however, is that there is still such a stigma on getting treated for mental illness and it is an even bigger hit to one’s ego to report that they are being bullied to authority figures at the school.

As long as the emphasis continues to be placed on guns, it is highly unlikely that this type of school violence will come to a halt anytime soon. When you really think about it, if kids were not left out of the “cool kids” circle and if they were not left to feel like they needed to do something to get big attention, why would they want to even think about hurting themselves or others?

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