Romney and Obama Meet in Iowa for Last Minute Voter Recruitment

As hard as it may be to believe, less than 72 hours are left until the 2012 presidential election. Mitt Romney and incumbent, President Obama, met up in Iowa for some last minute interaction with those who plan to vote in this coming Tuesday’s presidential election. The official meeting took place in Dubuque, Iowa, which is a city with a population just shy of the 60,000 mark.

The last-minute meeting saw Obama and Romney using their normal strategies to recruit people to their side. Back and forth they went with their plans and informing attendants that their respective plan was obviously the best.

A rally held during the early afternoon hours saw Romney telling attendants that he would operate under more of a bipartisan mentality, which means that he would not run the country in a traditional republican manner. He asked current Democrats, and everyone in attendance, to encourage their friends and family members to vote for him during Tuesday’s election. “to further back his point, at one point, Romney said, I want you to reach across the street to the neighbor, who has that other sign in his front yard. And I’m going to reach across the aisle in Washington, D.C., to the politicians who are working for the other candidate.”

Of course, Obama did not back down, and he reminded audience members of his primary presidential bid, which took place in Iowa in 2007. Obama said, “after two years of campaigning and after four years as president, you know me by now. You may not agree with every decision I made, you may have sometimes been frustrated with the pace of change. But you know that I say what I mean and I mean what I say.”

The presidential race currently has Obama ahead of Romney at 47% to 42%, but a recent survey showed that the race is practically even up in regards to which candidate is most likely to actually fix the financial crisis. The national poll shows that Obama is leading 47% to 46%.

Recently, Romeny and Paul Ryan, Romney’s vice-president candidate, have recently changed up their strategy to spending more time in states that traditionally fall on more of a Democratic background. Ryan is slated to speak to people in Minnesota this Sunday, and he has also made reference that winning the race in Pennsylvania could allow them to take over the Oval Office.

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