Powerball Exceeds $200 Million Mark

Playing the Powerball, as most people realize, is a risky venture. Sure, the ticket prices at just a couple of bucks a pop are relatively cheap, but your odds of picking all six numbers correctly in order to win the grand prize are extremely low. In fact, statisticians have put things into perspective by comparing your odds of winning the Powerball to things, such as being struck by lightning. However, the thought of winning the big bucks and being able to live a true life of freedom- as long as you can somewhat manage the winnings- has kept many of us returning to buy more tickets.

Experts say that when the Powerball resets to $15 million in winnings after someone has won a larger sum, the buyers are sparse. They believe that people opt for other lotteries, such as state-run options, as people believe they have a better odds of winning these smaller ones. They also say that the majority of people buying tickets for the $15 million dollar, and slightly larger, drawings are the regular customers. These are essentially the people who are playing for the fun of it.

However, when the drawing gets up to the $200 million mark and higher, experts say that this is when a lot more people start coming out of the woodwork. These people usually figure that it is not worth spending the $2 on a ticket for a chance of winning $15 million- especially consider that the $15 million figure is before taxes.

For those of you who like to dream of winning the eight-figure Powerball prize, Wednesday night might be a great time to consider buying a ticket as the Powerball jackpot has now exceeded the $200 million mark following Saturday night’s drawing where no one won the jackpot. Of course, you can bet that a lot of new buyers will show up for Wednesday’s drawing, which means the price will likely be substantially higher on Wednesday night.

December 29th was the last time anyone won the Powerball. Just a little over a month earlier than that drawing date, the biggest Powerball annuity in history was won with a grand prize of over $587 million. While if someone wins this drawing, the price will likely be less than half of the $587 million winning numbers from November, it might still be well worth the $2 risk.

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