Obama Maintains Firm Stance on Fiscal Cliff

By now, most of us have a fairly decent idea that politics are somewhat of a game where democrats try to pack the house full of as many democrats as possible while the republicans also attempt the same feat. However, there is usually at least one branch that mixes up the republicans with democrats, which is supposed to result in a result that both democrats and republicans would agree with, but this rarely happens. It almost seems like the two parties are playing a game of chicken with each other to see who completely gives in on their own belief system.

The talks about the fiscal cliff, which will occur during the first month of 2013, are no exception. Obama has stated that he is going to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of citizens, which includes all families making $250,000 or more per year. He also plans to make a few cuts in other areas. The republicans, on the other hand, are not in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy. Instead, they favored capping deductions.

Obama has made in clear time and time again that he is not going to allow the richest 2% to get out of paying higher taxes. He also places blame on the republicans in saying that they are not working with him. Well, President Obama is also failing to work with the republicans, and the president is not supposed to have enough power to just override the opinion that the house, congress and senate have.

However, Obama actually did pass Obamacare without even getting approval from any legislation members, so apparently the rules have changed without us knowing. In a recent survey, the results showed that if a deal is not reached and we go off the fiscal cliff, 53% of people would blame the republicans. Twenty-seven percent of people said they would blame President Obama. The other 20% is unaccounted for, but most can likely guess who is in this percentage without being told.

The two parties now have just 26 days to get things straightened out. This will likely be a deal that comes down to the very last minute as this will allow sources to tell us about the last-minute heroics that have been pulled off once again. If no deal is made, the United States will likely be headed right back into a recession.

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