No More CAPTCHA on Ticketmaster

If you have bought tickets to any type of event- whether it was a concert or sporting event, you likely purchased them through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster has become a major player in the ticket industry and rightfully so thanks to their fast service and the variety of tickets they have for sale. However, there is one thing that Ticketmaster’s customers have complained about over the years and that is the fact they have to fill in the CAPTCHA field before they can complete their transaction.

Many of these people believe that by the time they have filled in their name, address, etc… that they should be able to simply proceed to checkout. However, the CAPTCHA, believe it or not, was there for a reason and that was to stop robots from purchasing tickets in bulk immediately upon going on sale. For those who do not know, robots are essentially programs designed to act as a human in completing various types of actions on line; however, they can complete the various processes much faster than any human ever could.

Ticketmaster, despite the robot issue, has finally decided to remove the CAPTCHA field from their ticket forms. Instead, they will be asking users to either enter a simple phrase or to answer a multiple choice question. If you never enjoyed cracking the books in school, you will not have any problem answering a multiple choice question because the answer will be extremely obvious. It will be like that cool teacher you had in school that would give you four choices; two or three of which were things you could tell had nothing to do with the subject or were completely made up concepts.

In regards to making a Ticketmaster ticket purchase via your mobile phone, you also will not have to deal with CAPTCHA. In fact, you will not even have to answer a simple multiple choice question or enter a short phrase as you do on the site. Instead, Ticketmaster has a push notification system that will verify you are an individual customer and not a robot attempting to buy up all of the tickets as a way of scalping, or selling them to others at substantially higher prices.

This was a great move on behalf of Ticketmaster, but the new system will likely take some tweaks here and there to ensure that it is still completely robot-proof.

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