Mariah Carey’s Husband Confident American Idol Feud Is A ‘Work’

You know a pseudo-scandal is a serious fiasco when Nick Cannon comes on the scene to serve as a ‘voice of reason’. Yet that’s what has happened in the ersatz American Idol feud between Cannon’s wife, Mariah Carey, and self proclaimed ‘rapper’ Nicki Minaj. Like everyone else with good sense–which seems to eliminate most of the mainstream news media–Cannon is confident that the imbroglio between his wife and Minaj is just ‘theatrics’ that Fox has manipulated for publicity and (hopefully) a bump in the ratings for the shopworn reality show.

Before it was leg dropped off of the gossip pages by the gruesome Hulk Hogan sex tape the American Idol feud was a huge story with recriminations back and forth between Minaj and Carey, along with Idol ringmaster Ryan Seacrest fanning the flames of discord. The feud, complete with threats of gunplay, appeared to escalate for awhile but has simmered down. At the very least, Cannon isn’t worried that his wife might be a target of violence:

“That’s exactly what you called it was drama. With drama, it’s theatrics. I’m not worried about that stuff.”

Younger TV viewers might not remember when Barbara Walters was a legitimate journalist, but most recently she served as a mouthpiece to further the Minaj v. Carey charade telling the audience of The View:

“She said that when Nicki walked off the set, multiple people heard Nicki say, ‘If I had a gun I would shoot the (expletive).”

Cannon–obviously not in on the ‘work’–isn’t so sure that Minaj made a threat:

“It made for good news. It sounded good, right? Good job Fox.”

In fact, it seems like the only people that are buying the ‘feud’ as a ‘shoot’ are Carey, Minaj and the more gullible elements of the American gossip press. Former ‘Idol’ judge Steven Tyler isn’t having it, saying the whole affair has been ‘overblown’. The aforementioned Seacrest isn’t dismissing the ‘heat’ between the two wanna-be divas so completely, but his comments suggest that he’s cheering it on a la Vince McMahon. Assuming that there are no new developments on the Hulk Hogan sex tape front look for this story to be front and center by the end of the week.

Jim Murphy takes the role of Entertainment editor and is a Hollywood buff. Whether it's gossip, rumors, news or leaks, he is always on top of everything.

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