Lohan Witnessed her Mother’s Abuse, According to her Mother

Despite having a career that many have admired, which included star roles on numerous television shows, movies and even a dip in the music world, Lohan has also found herself in plenty of legal trouble. Her legal issues have primarily been based around the use of alcohol and other drugs. The 26-year old Lohan has been in-and-out of rehab numerous times over the last several years. She has also been ordered to attend numerous classes and perform community service in addition to time she has been ordered to serve in jail. One of Lohan’s classes required her to meet with the county coroner to visit the morgue and speak with families of victims killed by drunk drivers.

Despite her numerous arrests, fines and classes she was required to attend, it appears that she did not learn her lesson. However, most people who have so much to live for as it appears she does would seemingly learn their lesson after one arrest, right? Well, research has proven otherwise in cases, such as Lohan’s. Lindsay Lohan’s mother has finally spoken up about her daughter’s life in the legal system, and she claims that it is not completely her daughter’s fault. To learn more about residential inpatient drug rehab, you can also visit Rehabs.com.

Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mother, says that Lindsay witnessed numerous cases of domestic abuse between Dina and Lindsay’s father, Michael, when she was younger. There were numerous times that Michael allegedly beat Dina to the point of her being severely bruised. Dina recalls one specific incident, which occurred in 1986. Her and Michael, Lindsay’s father, were out on a date while Lindsay stayed home, and her, now, ex-husband, was severely intoxicated and he was also using cocaine. As the couple headed home, Michael, driving under-the-influence, began screaming for Dina to “get the (explicative) out of the car.” Following his command, he then clinched his fist and took a shot right below Dina’s eye, which bruised her cheekbone.

Of course, Michael recalls the incident a little differently, but he did admit to hitting Dina after she had hit him. He did not mention the incident occurring in the car, but rather after he had come home in the early morning hours after a night out.

As an adult, you are responsible for your own actions, but Lohan could be dealing with some mental issues that we were previously unaware of. Whether or not Lohan will have anything removed from her legal background is in the hands of the justice system, but people are frequently excused of their charges if they can prove they have a mental illness.

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