John Boehner Says Fiscal Cliff May Be Tough to Plunge From

Those of you who followed this year’s presidential debates and election know that the fiscal cliff and healthcare policies were two of the biggest topics debated by President Obama and candidate, Mitt Romney. Obama passed Obamacare, which is a healthcare program that is designed to provide 30 million people with health insurance who could not otherwise afford it. This plan is also set to require everyone to carry a health insurance policy, regardless of their income, which has brought up some controversy from many people. The other issue regarded the $16 trillion worth of debt that the United States has accumulated.

Healthcare is definitely something everyone deserves to have equal rights to, but we can also see why the republicans feel like they did not have an equal say in the implementation of this policy. The democrats have pretty well dominated the decision making process considering that Obama was the president, and they held the majority vote in the senate. As a result, the republicans were planning to repeal the new healthcare policies, which are slated to go into effect in 2014, if Romney was elected as the president, but he lost.

The fiscal cliff is another issue that the two parties have slightly different views on. Romney was planning to make cuts in government programs. During one debate, Romney said if he were to be elected, Sesame Street and public broadcasting is something he would cut back. Obama, and the democratic party, on the other hand, have a slightly different strategy. They want to raise taxes on the wealthy, and they would use this money to work towards getting out of debt.

While no political party’s view is every going to satisfy both sides, we can see weaknesses in both sides of the argument. With Obama’s plan, tax rates are actually not just rising for the super wealthy folks who make $250,000 or more per year as the highest percentage jump actually occurs for middle-class employees. This will put a serious amount of stress on people in this income class, and they will also potentially be required to purchase healthcare for the first time. Romney’s plan also has flaws, however, as if he were to cut back on certain programs, he would be putting numerous people out of work, and they might not be qualified to fill positions within other organizations.

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4 Responses to “John Boehner Says Fiscal Cliff May Be Tough to Plunge From”

  1. elshaddai says:

    I would like to know when having healthcare became a right
    for everyone to have?

  2. Sr94Bama says:

    it certain that the rich have not need this right, uh uh

  3. carrie says:

    It’s always been a right, but I think you mean is a law or requirement. Think of auto insurance: people raised a huge stink over the law that required you to have auto insurance, but that eventually faded. There are a lot of companies that do not offer insurance to their employees. Some of those employees have families. Coverage on their own can be sky high, as the discounts companies receive for group coverage obviously do not apply. Then there are preexisting conditions, which also will drive up health insurance costs, leaving many people unable to afford any coverage at all. Government benefits pay a very small fraction for office visits and procedures, causing hospitals and physicians to have to write debt off. People that can’t afford health insurance and don’t qualify for government benefits typically can’t pay for care, or can only pay a minimum towards it. Hospitals are companies, and when companies aren’t making money for their services, it causes prices to go up, or closure. Sadly, some hospitals do close because of this. Government benefits thrive on taxpayers dollars, which means we are paying for people that do need the assistance in tough times, and for the ones who just take advantage of it because they know how to. My daughter and I have medicaid currently, and nothing in this world would actually make me happier than being able to pay for our own coverage, like I once did. The new healthcare laws that will come to pass will take strain off government, as it is not an insurance that is provided by the government free of charge. It’s going to govern health insurance companies on their costs. I was extremely skeptical, but I have read and reread the policy trying to find the glitch for us as taxpayers. I can’t find it anywhere. Yes, we will be required by law to carry insurance. Why?Because enough is enough of having to pay for people who are just actually lazy. Do you enjoy having to pay the way for a person who has found a way to take advantage of the system so they sit back and allow you to spoon feed them? I receive food stamps and medicaid for my family right now, and I don’t like having a bad label because of the punks down the street are ripping off our government. And unlike them, I am doing something about my situation to provide better for my family.

  4. Chuck says:

    Everyone should have unfettered access to what has been referred to as the best hc system in the world…Boehner does (as well as the rest of the congress) our prez does…and we the taxpayers shoulder most of the financial burden for it. Ex: John Boehner’s HC coverage icosts $1107/month
    of which he pays $360…we pick up the tab for the balance…every month(these are 2009 figures)

    What do we call this?
    Entitlements for those who can easily afford to pay their own way.
    Anthony Weiner had the right idea, and was the one congressman who fought for the middle class and the poor. Too bad he was Swift Boated by his enemies, who are the enemies of us all.

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