Is Facebook Losing its Grip on the Younger Market?

When Facebook first hit the market during the early 2000s, it was primarily designed for those who are younger in age. In fact, before it was even opened to the public, you had to have a student email address extension to even be able to create an account. Many of those who were high school and college students during the early years of Facebook are still using it on a daily basis. These folks have also done an excellent job of recruiting their parents, older relatives and grandparents to Facebook.

However, and strangely enough, Facebook has shifted to be more geared towards the older generation today. A new report has indicated that Facebook is quickly losing its share of the new, younger crowd, such as high school kids. The report essentially indicates that these kids are looking for social media platforms that allow them to do things other than simply post their own status updates, read the status updates of others and chat with their friends. They want to have a social media platform that is far more open to where you can discuss things with people all over the world who share a similar interest. To fill this craving, many of them are turning to alternative social media sites, such as Reddit.

While on Reddit, they can skip all of the fake and depressing status updates people are posting to create their Internet based lifestyle that is oftentimes very delusional. How many times has one of your Facebook friends posted pictures of this exotic vacation they are on or the new car they have just bought? Then, how many of these people do you know who are suddenly complaining about all of the problems they have with their life a week later.

Teens and those who are soon to be in the teenager demographic do not really care about this boring self-inflating talk. They would rather get on the Internet and create the memes you see and look at those created by others. Sure, Facebook has memes, but it might surprise you to learn that the majority of these were ripped directly from sites, such as Reddit or at least the general concept begun there before being Photoshoped and posted as a status update on Facebook.

Facebook’s operation may quickly go downhill if they do not change up their marketing strategy.

Jason Russell is our resident technology expert covering everything technology related. He is a total technology geek and no one knows technology better than him.

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