Happy 40th Birthday, Cell Phone

Forty years ago today, the first cell phone call in United States history was made by a vice president with Motorola, Martin Cooper. Cooper, in a fashion that must have seemed quite taunting and irritating, called Motorola’s, then, rival, AT&T Bell. Here we are 40 years later figuring out any little loophole possible to get the latest and greatest phone for less than the $500 asking price.

Did you know that, that first phone had a list price of $4,000? And, you better believe there were not any gimmicks of signing your life away for the next two years, or more, to get a substantial amount knocked off. You also have to figure how much phones have changed over the years. Back then, you did not want a cell phone, it was a required luxury for only the most important of executives who literally could not be out of reach for a second of their day. And, they paid an extremely hefty price as there was no such thing as “unlimited minutes” in that day and age.

So, when we go to our local cell phone stores to look at the latest and greatest phone today, we should be more than willing to shell out the 500 bucks. I mean, you are essentially getting a computer within your phone with Internet speeds that are far quicker than many regular Internet connections were just a decade or so ago. And, you no longer even have to waste your time stuck on the phone in a conversation as today’s phones offer the convenience of sending a text message.

Oh, yeah, and one other point regarding the relative inconvenience the Dynatak had to offer. You know how we always find ourselves complaining when we look at our cellphones during the middle of the day and see that our battery life is nearing the 20 percent mark? Remember the thought you have nearly every day about how once the phone’s battery dies, it is going to take 10 or 15 minutes before you can even turn the phone back on? As painstaking as that feels, be glad phones have evolved since the first cell phone in 1984 that took a whopping 10 hours to charge.

After seeing how far cell phones have come since 1984, it is going to be extremely exciting to see what continues to unfold in the industry.

Jason Russell is our resident technology expert covering everything technology related. He is a total technology geek and no one knows technology better than him.

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