Facebook ‘Chat Heads’ To Be Released on iPhone Application Today

Without a doubt, Facebook, although shaken by their poor initial public offering about a year ago, has quickly become one of the most popular social media outlets. Rather than simply tracking a bunch of high school and college kids to the site, they have people of all ages from all over the world interacting with the site on a daily basis. These people are not only clicking around on their friends’ profiles, but they are also interacting with advertisements, which fund Facebook and keep it running, and they are playing games with friends- some of which charge a fee to get to new levels or unlock new features.

After years of continued success and only continuing to improve, for the most part, Facebook has now made quite a presence on mobile phones- specifically the iPhone and Android phones. People could choose to simply text or call their friends while away from home and on their cell phones, but they still choose to keep up with their friends via the Facebook app on their phone. Sure, this might keep their text messages a little lower or hidden from their parents, but it is still pretty impressive that people are essentially using an instant messenging program in the day and age where they could send a text even quicker.

Although having the ability to chat with friends via Facebook’s chatting device, there has always been one major issue. When people are using Facebook on their phone, they still have the demand to be able to read their news feed and look around at their friends’ profiles. The problem is that they sort of have to choose between getting on mobile chat or sticking with looking at their news feed or profiles. Otherwise, they would have to constantly tab back and forth, which might cause them to miss a friend’s message due to the friend going offline once their break has ended at work or once the teacher has asked them to put their phone away.

Fortunately for Facebook mobile addicts, things just got a little easier recently with the addition of the ‘chat heads’ feature. This new feature is somewhat similar to what you would see on Facebook on a computer where there is a sidebar for the chat, so you do not have to tab back and forth. The only difference is that it shows a headshot of the people you are chatting with. 

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