Ex NFL Cheerleader Sarah Jones Guilty Of Sex With Minor

The sleazy news story making the Internet rounds today involves a former NFL cheerleader turned high school teacher and her sexual relationship with a 17 year old boy. Sarah Jones today entered a guilty plea to charges of sexual misconduct and custodial interference in Kenton County Circuit Court in Covington, Kentucky. The admission of guilt was part of a plea deal with prosecutors that allowed the 27 year old Jones to avoid more serious charges and the possibility of jail time.

A tearful Jones gave this admission as part of her plea:

“I began a romantic relationship while he was a student and I was in a position of authority.”

Jones said the relationship began in February 2011 when the boy was 17. The two had sex and lied about it to police. According to defense attorney Eric Deters the guilty plea was motivated in part by Jones’ desire to keep sexually explicit text messages from being read in court:

“They’re embarrassing. They were steamy.”

What’s ’embarrassing’ is that headline grabbing prosecutors wasted taxpayers money with this fiasco which at worse is a victimless crime. The trend of painting teenage boys as ‘victims’ when they enter into sexual relationships with older women is a perfect example of the legal system run amok. The prosecutors were eager to make a deal since like most rational thinking people the boy’s parents refused to cooperate and sided with Jones during the ordeal:

“It’s certainly difficult when a victim and his family don’t cooperate by not providing information, but it makes our case a lot harder when they’re actually proactive for a defendant, and in this case, the family was more than supportive of the Jones (family). They were proactive for them.”

Jones and the ‘victim’ are still in a relationship and they left the courtroom together. The power mad prosecutors actually brought the boys’s mother up on charges of ‘tampering with evidence’–she plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge and will also avoid jail time.

The entire legal system in this backwoods Kentucky county should be ashamed of itself. The prosecutors who pursued this case were clearly more interested in media publicity than justice. If the consideration was for the boy there’s little doubt that more damage was done by turning his personal relationships into a freak show and a media circus.

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