Elizabeth Smart, Utah Kidnap Victim, Prepares Memoir

There was a time when kids could roam free as they pleased, and they, nor their parents, had a care in the world. Parents wanted their kids to be home before dark, but this was partly due to the fact that this was around dinner time anyway, and families had a much greater tendency to convene for their evening dinner together during those days than they do today anyway. Today, parents warn their children about being careful when they are in public. They tell them to stay away from strangers and to essentially trust no one as sad as that sounds.

Those of us who are old enough to remember the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping have become all the more concerned about our kids being unsupervised in public. All it takes is for a teenager, like Smart, to come across the wrong person and end up having their life on the line. Elizabeth Smart was only 14-years old when she was kidnapped.

The scariest thing about her case is that it reminds us all that even if kids follow their parents’ instructions of not approaching or talking to a stranger, they can still be put in harm’s way. In reality, if a “stranger” even tries to talk to a kid, they are likely harmless as if someone is really going to commit a criminal act on a child, they are not going to give the child the opportunity to ignore them before just moving on to kidnapping the next child they see.

It has now been 10 years since Smart was kidnapped and sexually assaulted. She was held captive for 9 months by the homeless preacher who kidnapped her. As you can imagine, she compiled quite a few horrific stories of those nine months, and you better believe they were just as, if not more, horrific for Smart’s family.

Several books have already been written about the abuse Smart had to deal with, but none of them were written based upon her personal experiences. She has finally decided to release a memoir that will describe some of the things she experienced. It is being reported that she is very open and descriptive about all of the torture and abuse she went through during that ¾ of a year.

Smart also says that she will discuss her foundation, which was founded to help to prevent some of these cases in the future.

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  1. Samuel says:

    The following information just barely pertains to the story, but Elizabeth Smart is Mormon (mainstream), the (preacher) who kidnapped and held her captive was a Mormon (fundamentalist). He used her faith against her to hold her captive. What vaguely interests me is that I have never heard (or read) this reported. If I hadn’t read “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer, I wouldn’t have known this.
    It was horrible what she went through, and may she prosper greatly with her book.

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