Consumer Electronics Show Coming Soon

We are now just three days away from the biggest show for electronics manufacturers to unveil their upcoming, and futuristic, technologies to consumers. The show takes place between January 8 and 11 in Las Vegas. Each year, consumers are presented with some eye-popping pieces of modern technology, and they always leave wanting more. However, there is always one catch, and that is the fact that they will have to wait several months to be able to actually get their hands on owning a piece of the latest-and-greatest in the technology world.

Like all years, experts project this year will have some really awesome pieces of technology on display. They say that representatives from all areas within the electronics industry will be on hand. The expect that cell phones, however, will be one of the biggest centerpieces of this year’s show as they say there are a lot of really cool technologies coming out for cell phones in 2013. They expect that Samsung will have its latest Galaxy phone, the S 4 Thunder, on display. They also say that there will likely be a couple of startup cell-phone companies, ZTE and

Huawei, with some really incredible products on display as they hope to get their feet wet in the cell-phone market.
Of course, there will also be plenty of larger-than-life televisions and other displaying devices up for viewing. It is expected that the television sector’s representatives will be putting a hard pitch on their 3D models as this is a relatively-new technology that obviously not everyone has adapted yet. Experts say that consumers are always a bit weary of new technology due to potential issues that would result in their new toy spending more time being fixed than being enjoyed. They also say that a new 3D technology will be presented at the show, which is supposedly several times clearer than traditional 3D, but it will also include a much heftier price tag.

Finally, Toyota and Audi are both slated to unveil their concepts of self-driving cars. These likely will not be coming out in the near future as driverless cars are only legal in three states. However, this will give vehicle owners, especially those who do not mind shelling out the big bucks for luxury vehicles, something to dream about purchasing in the future years.

From the looks of it, the 2013 CES will be a huge hit.

Jason Russell is our resident technology expert covering everything technology related. He is a total technology geek and no one knows technology better than him.

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