Carnival Cruise Averts Another Close Disaster

If you watched any news earlier this spring, you likely remember the issue that Carnival Cruise Lines had where a ship had to be pulled by tugboats back to shore to end the trip. The problem occurred as the ship experienced a malfunction to the power train, and it was unable to start back up. As a result, power was lost throughout the boat. Those on board were unable to shower, use clean restrooms or even sleep in their rooms because the cruise ship’s climate control system had also obviously failed.

Since then Carnival Cruise has worked extremely hard to make things right, and in all fairness they have done one of the best jobs of damage control we have ever seen a major corporation due in such a bad situation. They refunded the ticket price for those on board the ship meaning they essentially had a free cruise- despite it was far from being the most enjoyable cruise they had ever been on. They were also treated to numerous other amenities, such as a free cruise ride for future use, which surprisingly did not have some unrealistic expiration rate to where the people would be unable to use them in time due to having already exhausted their vacation time at work.

When it seemed like things had begun to calm down and that Carnival would move on with the daily operations of their business, things started to slide out of control again yesterday. The Carnival ship was heading back to shore when the power was suddenly lost. At first, this likely felt like the cruise earlier this spring to many of those aboard the ship.

They were likely wondering if they would make it back to shore in time to return to work by the end of their vacation time. You can also bet that they were a bit concerned about how bad of a mood they would be in upon returning to work if they would have had to deal with the unsanitary conditions reportedly dealt with on the ship that had issues earlier this spring.

Fortunately for Carnival Cruise and the passengers aboard the ship this time around, the issue was averted. Reports have indicated that the power came back on within just over 10 minutes of it being lost. Carnival has said they are upgrading power backups and fire safety equipment.

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