Boston Marathon Tragedy: Officials Believe They Know How Bombs Were Constructed

The runners in the front pack of the Boston Marathon were crossing the finish line and being cheered on by those in attendance, which consisted of running fans as well as families and friends of the runner themselves. Then, a major explosion occurred as two bombs were ignited that were believed to be between 50 and 100 yards apart. Glass was flying along with pieces of metal, which wound up causing over 100 injuries and at least three fatalities as of now. Many of the injuries consisted of loss of limbs- with the majority of them being legs.

As a result of so many people taking such a hard hit from flying debris, officials immediately got to work with investigating the case. As of last night, it had been reported that just one man, a Saudi man who was being treated for injuries resulting from the explosion at a local hospital, had been interviewed by law enforcement officials. No word was released in regards to what they found out during the interview with him or whether or not he is being held in custody.

Today, law enforcement officials have indicated that they believe the bombs were constructed from a pressure cooker. When you think about a pressure cooker, it uses a very high level of pressure along with heat to quickly warm up your meal. Well, imagine what happens when you put all sorts of dangerous metals inside of a pressure cooker. You have a potential for a major explosion.

Although the bombs resulted in over 100 injuries and at least three fatalities, one of which was a little boy whose father was running in the race, things could have been much worse according to authorities. They acknowledge that the explosion was huge, but they also say that the pressure cooker bomb device used in yesterday’s tragedy only had the capability of covering a little over one-half of a mile per second- still fast, but it did not cover enough ground to be considered any more than ‘low.’

The investigation is still ongoing, and law enforcement agents in the area are going to continue following up on leads and searching for the person to ensure they are brought to justice. We will continue to follow this story and keep you informed as soon as we learn of new details.

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