Boston Marathon Bombing: Double Check Charity Before Donating, Officials Warn

Monday, April 15 marked the annual running of the Boston Marathon, which takes runners on a 26.2 mile course throughout the city and comes with plenty of bragging rights for the person who takes the first place prize. While there is some surprise in who will win the marathon in each year’s running, there was a terrible surprise waiting at the finish line right where many people were sitting to watch the runners push themselves across the line. Two bombs, which were constructed from pressure cookers, were placed just yards apart and went off just minutes after the first group had crossed the line.

As a result of the explosion, a few people tragically lost their lives, and many dozens of others in attendance were seriously injured- some even lost limbs on the tragic Monday afternoon in Boston. While these events in themselves are terrible to witness, we do have some hope left when we see all of the people running to the rescue to help those injured by either offering first aid or setting up fundraisers and donation opportunities.

While those who come to the rescue both medically and financially are great to see, we also need to be extremely careful in choosing who to donate our money to. Even with reputable organizations setting up funds to help those injured, it is important to read the fine print as some of them only donate a portion of the proceeds to the victims in order to keep the rest of it for running the daily operations of their organization. Then, we also have the extremely sickening situations where someone is a good enough con artist to sell kind people willing to donate their hard earned income to help others on essentially giving money to someone’s fake charity.

And, in this case, officials say that there will undoubtedly be fake charities popping up left and right. They are not saying to only donate to charities that you already know tons about, but to simply ensure that you do a little homework to ensure that it is not your average joe looking to boost his personal bank account to have a little fun this weekend that he or she would not have otherwise been able to enjoy. Three new domains were registered shortly after the bombing occurred, but no word has been released regarding their legitimacy.

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