American Software Engineer Creates Own Solution to Outsourcing Issue

Over the last several years to a decade, the American economy has been a bit shaky. We have seen unemployment rates on the rise, and many of those who have kept their jobs have received a demotion or some other form of pay cut. We have also seen numerous companies hire people overseas via outsourcing to handle jobs for a substantially lower rate. While many companies have operated under the belief system that sending a job overseas is the only way for them to stay in business, others believe that it is a practice that American companies should not be allowed to carry out.

We know companies have outsourced work over the years, but what if you knew an employee had outsourced work that their company gave them to do? Well, it has happened. An American software engineer, who, along with his company, remains anonymous at this time had outsourced his work to a Chines consulting firm.

Reports indicate that this employee was making several hundred thousand dollars per year, and he was paying the consulting firm based out of China about a middle-class salary of $50,000 or so per year. Resources go on to tell us that he was not just doing this at one firm, however, as he reportedly was on the payroll of numerous American companies.

Those who knew him described him as being quiet. Most people already realize that engineers are generally very smart people, so it should come as no surprise that a man with this level of intelligence was able to do this for so long before finally being caught. Of course, nothing was theoretically illegal about what he was doing- at least under the assumption that his employment contract did not include any clauses regarding the outsourcing of his work or the sharing of company ideas and other concepts outside of the workplace.

After an investigation of the employee’s computer, it was discovered that his work day was about like an American teenager or college student spends their free time. He was browsing around social-networking sites, such as Reddit. He was also an avid viewer of cat videos on the Internet each day before he would leave on his lunch break. During the afternoon hours, he would frequent eBay, Facebook and numerous other sites.

We will continue to update you on other findings in relation to this story.

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