Amazon Supposedly Planning Release of Internet Video Viewing Device

Over the last several years, Amazon has become a convenient place for people to shop for everything from supplements to groceries and even big screen televisions. They have a great reputation for giving buyers and sellers a safe and secure place to exchange goods, and oftentimes, you can find some pretty good deals on their site. Of course, the thing that people really enjoy about Amazon is their collection of media products, such as eBooks, DVDS and even textbooks, which is something that other online sales venues do not offer.

Following the success that Amazon has experienced selling the current products it does, the company says they plan to release a new video player. If you are familiar with the Amazon Kindle eBook reader, you can get a pretty good mental image of  what the video player will look like as it will also be a hand held device. Really, the only difference between their Kindle and the video player they are supposedly planning to release in the near future is the fact that the Kindle will not play videos.

The video player that Amazon plans to release sounds like a great idea to me and many others; however, there are still some people who have questioned the move for a few reasons. First of all, you can already watch the videos and movies that will likely be put on the video player on your newer TV set. Secondly, Amazon is a little late with their move into this industry as several other multimedia companies have already produced similar products with the Apple TV being just one of them. And, of course, you have to wonder how great of a job Amazon can do at marketing a product that they were not the innovator of. You have to keep in mind that they were the first ones to put an eBook reader on the market, so they were known for that product. This time around, with the video player, they will be seen as another option in a playing field that is stacked full of options.

Hopefully, Amazon is able to put together a product that is as creative as the Kindle was. And, they may in fact be able to create something better than what is already out there considering they have already seen their competitors’ playing cards. This will be fun.

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