“Teen Mom’s,” Farrah Abraham Signs Big Money Deal on Sex Tape

At one time, if you wanted to see what your favorite celebrity or professional athlete looked like in the buff, you could only dream of them signing a contract with a nude magazine, such as Playboy. Today, however, it seems like we cannot go much more than a couple of months without a sex tape or some type of photo of them caught in a sexual act being released. The days of just seeing nude photos are seeming to vanish and being replaced with them in some form of actual pornography.

When fans of the MTV show, “Teen Mom” set in front of their televisions, many of them developed a celebrity, okay, maybe not really a celebrity, crush on one of the show’s stars, Farrah Abraham. Unlike many of the moms on the show, most people would have to agree that she appeared to be one of the more attractive ones. Consequently, when it was announced that she had a sex tape “leaked” on the Internet, there were tons of Internet searches to find it. As it turns out, the tape may have not solely had the intention of personal enjoyment as Abraham had said.

While Abraham had made threats that she would sue whoever leaked the film for $2 million, James Deen, the man in the film, claims otherwise. Deen is a famous porn star who, according to numerous sources, has done a fair amount of work for Vivid. As a result, he is a professional who is not going to waste his time acting in a video for free regardless of how attractive the lady is. Deen has come out and said that this video was planned and that it was designed and played up to have the appearance of one of those homemade sex tapes.

The rights to the film were purchased by Vivid for $1 million and Deen was paid for his role in the film. In regards to how amateur Vivid wanted the film to look, Deen said that the production company asked that he act as if he and Farrah were a real life couple. In fact, the original request on Vivid’s behalf was to send the couple on a dinner date where they would have a magazine come and take pictures. Although Deen rejected the dinner proposal, the film will still be released.

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