Police Catch Monkey Murderer

The Boise Zoo, located in Boise, Idaho, lost one of its animals recently. Zoos deal with death on occasion, but it is usually the result of natural causes considering it is not like these animals are left to fend for themselves. This death was a horrific murder, and this is a terrible loss to both the zoo as well as the community. The only good thing to come out of this is that the suspect, Michael J. Watkins, 22, of Idaho, was caught.

Without having security cameras, you can bet it is a little difficult to monitor what is going on around the zoo especially when staff members are not visible present. The zoo does employee a security staff that watches the grounds at night, but you simply cannot have everyone everywhere at once, and this was the case in this horrific death.

A security guard heard what he described as a loud grunt, so he went to check on the monkey. He found the monkey was severely injured, and the monkey was rushed to the medical facility on the zoo’s property. However, it proved to be too little, too late as the monkey had suffered serious blows to numerous body parts including its head.

Upon finding the monkey in its injured state, one of the security guards claims he spotted two people in the area. One of the them were in or around the monkey’s cage, but both suspects fled. Both were eventually caught, but police say they only plan to press charges against Watkins after speaking with both men.

After doing some further research, investigators say that Watkins has an extensive criminal background, a lot of which includes drug-related charges. While all of us hate to see any type of animal cruelty, the only thing that can ease our mind is to hope this guy was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and that it was not something really hateful and ignorant he did while sober.

Officials with the zoo say that they are planning to reconstruct the facility, and that it has needed upgrades for a while now since it was built a little over 50-years ago. They are planning to conduct a fundraiser, which will help to pay for the necessary upgrades. Zoo staff is also doing their best to provide support for the zoo’s remaining monkeys. We would like to express our sympathy for those most deeply affected by the loss of this monkey.

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2 Responses to “Police Catch Monkey Murderer”

  1. Amy says:

    RIP to the poor monkey. So senseless. It pains me when people hurt and kill animals and children as they are so helpless and don’t understand what is happening to them. Lock this man up and throw away the key.

  2. hooeyhoo says:

    So let’s see….I believe there is one more monkey left at the zoo. I have a great idea. Let’s throw that creep Michael Watkins in with the other monkey and see how he likes it. BTW Mr. Simmons, I’m not sure I understand why you hope the creep was on drugs and that is what made him do it. That’s not a good reason to my way of thinking. There is no reason for anybody to kill a monkey no matter whether he was stoned or sober. That does not let him off the hook one iota. He needs to do some serious jail time and then after jail, he should be made to work at the zoo where he can clean the poop and pee out of all the animal cages. Hmm…I wonder if there are any alligators there? There is nothing on earth that smells as bad as gator excrement. You should probably trust me on this one.

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