Justin Bieber Murder Plot Unveiled

A murder plot targeting teen pop super star Justin Bieber was unearthed earlier today, revealing that three men from New Mexico were involved in a plot to kill and gruesomely castrate the star in New York City last month.

Unveiled reports show that convicted criminal Dana Martin, who is currently serving two life sentences at New Mexico’s Las Cruces prison, for raping and killing a 15 year-old girl in Vermont in 2000, was the mastermind behind the Bieber murder plot.

According to KRQE News 13, Martin drafted the plan to kill Bieber at his sold-out Madison Square Gardens in November, recruiting fellow inmates to carry out the plot.

Former prisoner Mark Staake was one of the men recruited, along with his nephew Tanner Ruane. The convicts planned to kidnap both Bieber and his bodyguard before strangling them with a paisley tie, which is Martin’s calling card. The pair then intended to castrate both Bieber and his bodyguard. Evidently serious about carrying out the plan Ruane was prepared and had purchased pruning shears.

Luckily however, the murder plot was unmasked before the planned killing, after Martin bizarrely turned in his accomplices and his elaborate plan. Martin is believed to be an obsessed Bieber fan, and has a tattoo of the star on his leg.

After the plot was unearthed Federal agents soon arrested 41 year-old Staake in Vermont for violation of felony probation caused by aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon.

Following being tipped by Martin, the police managed to record several phone conversations, which took place between Staake and Ruane, after Staake had been arrested for the previous warrants. Ruane told Staake how he was disappointed he would no longer be able to carry out the murders.

23 year-old Ruane was arrested the following day in New York. At the time of arrest Ruane was in possession of murder weapons as well as documents outlining detailed information about Bieber.

Worryingly this isn’t the first unearthed murder plot targeted towards Bieber. Back in October last year, one individual created a Facebook page threatening to kill the star at his scheduled concert at the National Stadium in Peru. Worried fans persuaded the star to cancel his visit to Peru.

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