Facebook Release Two Big Upgrades this Week

Over the last several years, Facebook has been one of the biggest players in the social-networking business. It has one of the largest user demographics, which ranges from kids to their grandparents. Many have considered it to be the first social-networking site to be able to reel in so many users from older demographics- people who previously only used computers for very moderate online browsing and work-related tasks.

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they realized that their current search features was just not cutting it. People have complained for years in regards to how hard it is to search for people you would like to meet up with that you have not seen in years. The task becomes several times tougher if these people are new to Facebook, and they do not have any mutual friends with the person who is searching for them.

As a result, Facebook made an announcement that they were releasing the Graph Search. With the new search engine, which has a similar look to the old one, users will be able to sort through the profiles of other uses via several filters. For example, the person you want to catch up with might not have any mutual friends, making them otherwise difficult to find; however, if you know where they live, where they went to school and other information, they will be much easier to find. The new feature is also said to give users easier access to “public” information on Facebook, such as photos that have a major tendency to become buried in one’s profile.

Then, over the last few months, Facebook has been testing another new feature that will allow users to make voice calls via the messaging service on their mobile app. Facebook reps say that the new feature will likely be available to everyone within the United States, at least, within the next three days or so. This app will allow any two users, assuming they both have an iPhone, with the latest Facebook app update to call each other for free.

Facebook already has a similar feature for video calling on their online version, which is powered by Skype. Original reports speculated that the mobile version would also be powered by Skype, but Skype says that this is actually not the case. In fact, Skype has been releasing their own mobile chatting software for a while now.

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