Dallas Set To Continue Without Larry Hagman

Yesterday it was reported that legendary TV actor Larry Hagman tragically passed away on Friday evening, aged 81. Hagman, who played the much-loved villain JR Ewing in the TV show Dallas, had been battling with throat cancer for just over a year.

As well as staring as a central character in the hit show from 1978 to 1991, Hagman reprised his role as JR earlier this year in a reboot of the show. Whilst the world is still in shock over Hagman’s death, a question at the back of many Dallas fans minds has been whether the show will continue without him.

Filming for the second season of the reboot has already gotten well underway, with the first episode scheduled to air in the US on TNT on January 28th. It has been confirmed that the show will continue without Hagman, with scriptwriters set to adjust the story lines to reflect Hagman’s death.

UK broadcaster Channel 5, who have been airing the first season of the new-look Dallas, have released the following statement, since the news has broke of Hagman’s death: “Dallas is midway in production on season two and this sad news will be incorporated into the storyline.”

Whilst those close to the star insist that Hagman would be pleased that Dallas will continue, there is no doubt about it that the show will not be the same without him and his character JR, which raises the question will it remain a success without him.

Despite the Dallas reboot which is set in the present day, containing many new, younger characters, several of the original Dallas cast-members still play a vital role in the drama based on the Ewing family’s battle over oil on their Texan Southfork ranch.

Unlike most TV shows nowadays, Dallas is not filmed in a TV studio in Los Angeles, all scenes are filmed in Texas, with the majority being filmed at Southfork. Since hearing the news of Hagman’s death thousands of tourists have flocked to the area, paying their tributes to Hagman, and his iconic character JR.

When the second season of Dallas airs in January, fans of the show past and present are sure to tune in to watch Hagman’s final scenes as JR, and as a great actor. What the future holds for Dallas meanwhile remains unclear, as there is no denying that Hagman was the real star of the show.

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