Conservative Political Action Conference: An Interesting Display of Comedy

Each time the conservative political action conference roll around, conservatives are in for a few days of learning about the future of their political beliefs. In the past, the conference essentially served as a mere way of discussing who the front runners might be for the next presidential election. Of course, anytime a democrat has been the commander in chief, the republican based convention has been packed full of bashing the current candidate as well as other democratic leaders, and this year was no exception.

During this year’s conservative political action conference, several big name republicans came forward to express their displeasure with the current situation in the United States. We saw leaders poke fun at gun control laws. Sarah Palin kicked off the gun control jokes by explaining that, “He’s got the rifle, I’ve got the rack,” in reference to a joke her and her husband share.

Palin’s gun control joke, as you might imagine, really lit up the audience. You could hear cheers throughout the crowd as many of the conservatives are strong advocates of the Second Amendment, which states that we have a right to own a gun if we so choose.

After making her point about gun control, Sarah Palin was not about to stop with her rampage. She reached behind the podium to grab a 32 ounce cup from 7-Eleven. No, this was not a big cup of water to quench her thirst as we have seen so many politicians do. This cup was full of soda. It was the infamous large soda that New York’s mayor thought he had banned until it was over turned literally hours before the law was supposed to go into effect to prevent people from being able to buy a 32 ounce drink. Of course, this law had every right to catch tons of flak as nothing would have stopped people from just buying two, 20 ounce bottles of soda or two 20 ounce fountain drinks. Sure, it would have been a bit more expensive, but you can just about bet that gas stations selling fountain drinks would have just cut people a little better deal on two 20 ounce drinks until that would also come to an end and the start of another promotion would go into effect.

Although no front runner was named for  2016, this was an interesting CPAC.

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